The Cultures of Innovation in the Creative Industries Research project focuses on innovation practices in the Dutch creative industry. It examines such practices in “residencies” or Creative Business Centres for small and medium-sized companies.

Partner in this research is the DCR Network, a network of 30 creative residencies across the Netherlands, where around 2000 companies are located. They represent the width of the creative sector, from dance companies to app developers. The multidisciplinarity and cooperative focus of the companies in the buildings, make these Creative Business Centres (CBCs) into an interesting research environment.

The main research question will focus on the development of and interrelationships between companies, markets, networks and the places where they are located (the CBCs) and the effects of their co-location on both the companies themselves, their competitiveness, their cooperation, but also the environment in which they are located.

Specific questions focus on the practices of innovation and management, creative work, working conditions, knowledge innovation and information spillovers, mediation, and technological needs. How effective are CBCs as intermediaries for creativity and innovation? What are the specific economic (value, performance, employment) and socio-cultural (symbolic value, atmosphere, branding, working conditions) effects of co-location for the creative industries?

The research provides answers to questions on the impact and effectiveness of CBCs. In addition, it offers insights, examples and best-practices about collaboration, growth and innovation of creative businesses. The findings are shared with the field in workshops and seminars on spillovers, business models, competitive cooperation and such.